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Normalisation Method

Final Packaging

Produts to be irradiatedThe products to be processed are received at the UTR in their final packaging (eliminating risks of cross contamination) and introduced directly into the irradiation chamber.

Products must be packed in standard size boxes (measures 40x40x40cm3 or 80x40x40 cm3).

In special cases, other packaging dimensions can be used.




Storage Area



UTR can treat a wide variety of products safely, economically and reproducibly, being certified for quality according to standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015.




Receiving/shipping Products





The products are placed in a warehouse, divided into two separate areas, one for the received products and another where the irradiated products are placed.


Each of these areas has a gate and an independent loading / unloading tilting platform, receiving and shipping products through two different doors.