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Director's Message

Mensagem do Director do LATR

The Unidade Tecnológica de Radioesterilização (UTR) (Technological Unit for Radiosterilization) started its operation in November 1988 and occupies a unique position in the Iberian Peninsula in providing irradiation services (sterilization, decontamination, disinfestation / disinfection and conservation) of a wide range of products using gamma radiation (Cobalt-60).

The guarantee of its permanent updating and development of new applications, is based on participation in national research projects and financed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

It is an institution linked to society, assuming a proactive and leadership attitude in the search for answers to problems, helping companies in their area of intervention. The UTR team every day offers the best of itself, with professionalism, rigor, dedication and above all with the spirit of a large family, where technicians and researchers are an active part and committed to the satisfaction of our customers. It is above all this enthusiasm and collective commitment that makes us believe and continue to follow the path of excellence.

We aim to be a reference in the respect for ethics that continually influences the way we work and strive to achieve our goals. The creation of value associated with our services and the recognition on the part of all interlocutors in the area of ​​health and industry, as preferred partners, are our ambitions.

We want to conserve and create more knowledge, increasing our ability to attract more users to radiation technology, ensuring:

João Galamba Correia
LATR, Deputy Director