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Sustainable Technology

γ-Radiation treatment is the ideal process to sterilize and decontaminate materials, since it does not use toxic products, reduces energy consumption and does not produce any type of pollutants (sustainable technology).

This method offers great advantages over conventional processes, namely, because the products are treated in their final packaging, eliminating any subsequent contact with them.


Over Conventional Processes
Safe and environmentally friendly process
Treatment in the final packaging (eliminating risks of cross contamination)
Non-thermal treatment
Leaves no residues (the product does not need a quarantine period)


γ-Radiation Treatment
Sterilization mechanism Ionizing radiation: γ-rays
Product Structure No restrictions. Gamma rays penetrate all parts of the product, ensuring uniformity of the process
Materials Compatible with the vast majority of materials
Packaging The high penetrating power of radiation allows sterilization in almost all types of packaging
Parameter to be checked Exposure time
Reliability and reproducibility Great
Microbiological tests
after sterilization
Quarantine time No need. Products can be used immediately after sterilization / decontamination
Process monitoring Qualitative and quantitative, with the use of radiosensitive seals and calibrated dosimeters
Waste deposit None
Economy Excellent in small or large quantities